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Bunny, New York, 1981, Polaroid by Edo Bertoglio

Blue-Black in Black on Brown, Grace Jones by Jean-Paul Goude – Nightclubbing album cover – New York City, 1981

“She has become a creature whose unique beauty transcends both the gender of her sex and the ethnicity usually associated with the colour of her skin. She looks barely human. She is more like a strange alien, blue-black, in black.”

Lynda Carter photographed by Mario Casilli, 1981.

Grace Jones at Studio 54 photographed by Adrian Boot – ca. 1981

Raffaella Carra Punta del Este 1981/1982


Annabella Lwin and Boy George of English new wave group Bow Wow Wow at Manchester University, March 1981. 

Boy George performed two concerts with Bow Wow Wow under the name Lieutenant Lush before forming his own band, Culture Club.

(Photos by Kevin Cummins)


16-year-old Courtney Love photographed by Jon Sievert, 1981.

“When I was fourteen, I was so bloody ugly and I thought I was Kate Moss. I chased this guy named Mark Rennie, who was the hottest photographer in Portland, around, convinced him to [take pictures of me]. I had this big schnoz, I had blusher on, I’m wearing white gloves, and I [was] making new wave faces, and, like, voguing… there was a gap in my teeth, and I was 180 pounds. So if someone calls me ugly, it sort of rolls off my back because it’s not about looks, it’s about attitude—you get laid on attitude.”  

 — Courtney Love

John Taylor and

Simon Le Bon

of Duran Duran

photographed by Fin Costello, 1981.

Courtney Love with her father Hank Harrison and Robin Barbur in 1981.

Photo by Jon Sievert

Duran Duran photographed by Fin Costello, 1981.