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Mexican singer Luis Miguel (Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri) with his brothers Alejandro and Sergio. Italy, 1985 – Photo by Angelo Deligio


Danny Wood of New Kids On The Block and Halle Berry photographed by Larry Busacca backstage at a concert, circa 1989.

Madonna & Felix Howard on the set of the video “Open your Heart”, 1986 – Ph. Herb Ritts

Mick Jagger (detail), London, 1987 – Ph. Herb Ritts


Michael Jackson photographed by Lynn Goldsmith

at Epcot Center, 1984.


The Beastie Boys photographed by Deborah Feingold, 1987.


The book The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star chronicles Nikki Sixx’s life 1986-1987. During this period

Denise “Vanity” Matthews

was Nikki’s girlfriend, and often mentioned in his diaries. In 1987, they were briefly engaged. It was a toxic relationship, they enabled each others’ drug abuse.

On meeting Vanity, Nikki says he was doing cocaine and watching MTV with a pal, pointing out girls he’d like to get to know better, when he spotted Vanity on screen. A call to the


office and he tracked down her phone number—common dating procedure for Sixx. She invited him over. When she “opened the door naked, with her eyes going around in her head,” he had “a feeling that we just might hit it off.”

Diary entry from January 1987:

Vanity came and went during different periods of my addiction. She was a wild black chick who had sung with Prince: she’d also been his lover for a while. At the time I thought of Vanity as a disposable human being, like a used needle. Once its purpose was fulfilled it was ready for the trash, only to be dug up if you were really desperate…We became drug buddies: sometimes, you could even just about call us boyfriend and girlfriend. Vanity also taught me how to really freebase: the first time I based was with Tommy when Mötley just started and only a few times after that. So up until then, I’d been mostly snorting or injecting. But as soon as she showed me the real ins and outs of cooking up a good rock…it was love. 

Not her. The drug.

Madonna, 1986 – Ph. Herb Ritts

Madonna, 1986 – Ph. Herb Ritts


Madonna photographed by Gary Heery, 1983.