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Sallie Blair

(1934 – 1992)

was an African-American jazz singer from Baltimore. She began her career singing with Johnny Otis and Duke Ellington in the early 1950s before she won the talent competition Chance of a Lifetime on ABC-TV. Soon after she joined Cab Calloway’s Cotton Club Revue and then became a popular nightclub act. Sallie was a reoccurring performer on Ed Sullivan’s shows and was rumored to have had an affair with him. She performed for the royal family at the London Palladium and broke protocall by kicking off her shoes and doing a sexy barefoot dance. Although Sallie released two albums as a solo artist, Squeeze Me (1957) and Hello, Tiger! (1958), she was more known for her beauty and sex appeal. Sallie often changed her hair color, but early in her career she was known for being a blonde. The press referred to her as the  "blonde bombshell” and Miles Davis called her the “brown Marilyn Monroe.” She married pianist and arranger Rene DeKnight in 1963 and still appeared on TV throughout the the 1960s as her popularity waned. In 1978, Sallie was linked to Warren Beatty then she disappeared from the public. She died at the age of 57 in 1992.


Funk singer Betty Davis with her husband Miles Davis in front of one of his paintings at their home in New York City, October 1969.

Photos by Baron Wolman

Sam Cooke’s widow Marries Bobby Womack 77 Days Days After His Death

In February 1965, Sam Cooke’s widow Barbara Cooke and Bobby Womack made headlines when the announced they were getting married two months after Sam was killed. Before their wedding, Bobby told Jet (Feb 18, 1965):

 “You must remember I was Sam’s guitar player for a long time. We were very close. I actually feel that he would want me to do this. I stayed around her during the crisis. She really needed someone at the time. Love is love and that is what it is with us. When I told her how I felt she was shocked. It took her a while to get adjusted to the idea.” Asked how long it took Mrs. cook to give her consent to marriage, he added “three weeks to a month.”

Sam’s father objected to the marriage, stating: “What we don’t like is a 30-year-old woman, marrying this 20-year-old boy and bringing him in over Sam’s 11-year-old girl, Linda.” Bobby who was Sam’s protégé, played with his brothers in the group The Valentinos. After Bobby married Barbara, they were ostracized from their families and he faced hostile crowds. Bobby was pistol whipped and beat up by Sam’s brothers. Barbara and Bobby had a son named Vincent

(1966–1986) who later committed suicide, Barbara previously had a son named Vincent (1961–1963)

with Sam who drowned. Bobby and Barbara separated in 1970 after she shot at him when she discovered he was having an affair with his teenaged stepdaughter Linda. Linda later went on to marry Bobby’s brother Cecil Womack (ex-husband of Mary Wells) and they formed the duo Womack & Womack.

Rock groupie Judy Wong photographed by Baron Wolman for Rolling Stone magazine, November 1968.

In 1969, Rolling Stone published a scandalous issue on the backstage proclivities of rock stars and the women who sought them out.

Brigitte Bardot, Mexico, 1961 – Ph. Bert Stern

Jimi Hendrix performing at the Ackerman Union Ballroom, UCLA, on February 13, 1968.

Photos by Ed Caraeff


The Rolling Stones at Green Park in London for a press call on January 11, 1967. 


Jimi Hendrix photographed by Ed Thrasher, 1969.

Vintage Jet Magazine Covers – 1960s


Malcolm X photographed by John Launois in Cairo, August 1964.