Category: 1960s aesthetic

Sophia Loren Pouring Champagne, 1963 – Globe Photos, Ph. Unknown 

Johnny Hallyday, Grosrouvre, January 1963 – Ph. Jean-Marie Périer

Bubble on Seine Kick II, 1963 – Ph. Melvin Sokolsky

Bar Du Flick, 1963 – Ph. Melvin Sokolsky

Mirror Dance II, 1965 – Ph. Melvin Sokolsky

Bob Dylan, Fans Looking In Limo, London, England, 1966 Ph. Barry Feinstein

Twiggy for Vogue 1967 photographed by Bert Stern

Twiggy wears a wool chenile Pattie Tuttman for Silverworm jumpsuit and holds a Louis Vuitton roll bag made of Vuitton canvas; Oster for Paraphernalia chain bracelet and a Vacheron Constantin watch.

Twiggy for Vogue 1967, Photographed by Bert Stern. 

Twiggy wears a Roberto Rojas metal mesh hood and with an assortment of colored Lucite rings by Bernard Kayman, an Old England watch at her neck, Sant’ Angelo watch bands and bracelets, and a Timex watch.

Twiggy by Barry Lategan, bromide print, 1966

Audrey Hepburn riding bike with dog in basket, 1964 photographed by Cecil Beaton