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Headshot of Brigitte Bardot, French actress, model and singer, with a bouffant hairstyle and a blue boa in a studio portrait, against a black background, 1960.

Contessa Christina Paolozzi, June 10, 1960 by Richard Avedon

London, 1960 Photo by Norman Parkinson for Vogue UK

Sammy Davis Jr. and May Britt photographed by Brian Duffy, 1960.

This photo by Duffy of Sammy Davis Jr. & his wife May Britt was taken in 1960 for Vogue. At the time, interracial marriage was banned in 31 US states before President Kennedy was elected and the laws were changed. May Britt converted to Judaism prior to her marriage.

Gina Lollobrigida photographed by Leo Fuchs, 1960.

Ike and Tina Turner (1960)

Elizabeth Taylor photographed by Virgil Apger – January, 1960

Nat King Cole and his wife Maria Cole with their son Nat Kelly Cole in 1960.

Photos by David Sutton


Che Guevara with his ex-wife

Hilda Gadea

and their daughter, Hildita, on

her 4th birthday in 1960.

Below is a letter he sent from the Bolivian jungle to Hildita for her 10th birthday on February 15, 1966:

Dearest Hildita,

I am writing you now, although you’ll receive this letter much later. But I want you to know that I am thinking about you and I hope you’re having a very happy birthday. You are almost a woman now, and I cannot write to you the way I write to the little ones, telling them silly things or little fibs.

You must know that I am still far away and will be gone for quite some time, doing what I can to fight against our enemies. Not that it is a great thing, but I am doing something, and I think you will always be proud of your father, as I am of you.

Remember, there are many years of struggle ahead, and even when you are a woman, you will have to do your part in the struggle. Meanwhile, you have to prepare yourself, be very revolutionary-which at your age means to learn a lot, as much as possible, and always be ready to support just causes. Also, obey your mother and don’t think that you know it all too soon. That will come in time.

You should fight to be among the best in school. The best in every sense, and you already know what that means; study and revolutionary attitude. In other words: good conduct, seriousness, love for the revolution, comradeship, etc.

I was not that way at your age, but I lived in a different society, where man was an enemy of man. Now you have the privilege of living in another era and you must be worthy of it.

Don’t forget to go by the house to keep an eye on the other kids and advise them to study and behave themselves. Especially Aleldita, who pays a lot of attention to you as her older sister.

All right, old lady. Again I hope you are very happy on your birthday. Give a hug to your mother and to Gina. I give you a great big strong one to last as long as we don’t see each other.

Your Papa


The Temptations, The Miracles, Stevie Wonder, Martha and the Vandellas, and The Supremes at EMI Records in London, March 1965.