Category: 1940s

Martha Graham, Letter to the World, 1940 Ph. Barbara Morgan

Gelatin silver print

‘Fashion in Colour’, Dress by Jo Copeland, Mural by Marcel Vertes, 1946 Ph. Horst P. Horst


Anna May Wong and her brother Richard photographed by Carl Van Vechten on September 13, 1940.

Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland and her daughter Liza Minnelli on the set of Words and Music (1948).

Vogue Magazine Cover – Red gloved hand inside wicker hat stand with leghorn sailor hat, Photo by Haanel Cassidy, June 1st, 1944.

Headshot of model, in a black fox beret with a purple velvet ribbon tilted over one eye, posed before a large clock. Photo by John Rawlings, Vogue Magazine, November 1st, 1942

Horst c.1943. Seated model in a soft orange dress with a Christmas gift on her lap, c.1943. Photo by Horst P. Horst


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Earl Theisen, 1947.

Mrs. Dan Platt Caulkins [right] and her daughter, Miss Wendy Burden. (Photo by Horst P. Horst for Vogue, 1948

Photo by John Rawlings for “Vogue” – August, 1944