Category: 1940s women

Marlene Dietrich, 1942 – Ph. Al Whitey Scaffer

Carmen Dell’Orefice for Vogue, photographed by Norman Parkinson, 1949

Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, VOGUE Cover, Published June 1, 1940 Ph. Horst P. Horst

Fashion in Colour – American Vogue Cover, 1941 Ph. Horst P. Horst

Marilyn Monroe, 22, takes dance lessons, Hollywood, 1949. Ph. J. R. Eyerman

Gloria Swanson, 1941

“I’ve never had a dull moment in my life. I’ve always wanted to try something new. When I was a child, I wouldn’t wear what the other kids had. I won’t now. I had the first pantie girdle, the first broadtail suit, the first sack dress — from Givenchy. I was even the first Gloria. Everybody named their children after me. I can always tell how old Glorias are.”

Martha Graham, Letter to the World, 1940 Ph. Barbara Morgan

Gelatin silver print

‘Fashion in Colour’, Dress by Jo Copeland, Mural by Marcel Vertes, 1946 Ph. Horst P. Horst