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Che Guevara on the CBS current affairs program ‘Face the Nation’ in New York on December 13, 1964. 

While in New York, Malcolm X invited

Che Guevara

to come to the Audubon Ballroom to speak to a meeting of the OAAU [Organization of Afro-American Unity]. Che initially accepted the invitation but later concluded, as he wrote in a message that Malcolm read to the audience, that security “conditions are not good for [my participation in] this meeting.” Che added: “Receive the warm salutations of the Cuban people and especially those of Fidel, who remembers enthusiastically his visit to Harlem a few years ago. United we will win.”

“I love a revolutionary,” Malcolm told the audience at the Audubon that night, as he prepared to read Che’s note. “And one of the most revolutionary men in this country right now was going to come out here … but he thought better of it.” Malcolm cautioned participants never to let anyone choose their friends for them. “I don’t,” Malcolm said. “And you shouldn’t… You and I should practice the habit of weighing people and weighing situations and weighing groups and weighing governments for ourselves.”

(Excerpt from Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power)

Che Guevara photographed by René Burri in his office, 1963.

21st January 1962: Stripped to the waist, Argentine-born revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara (1928 – 1967), who waged guerrilla warfare with the Castro brothers, helps workers on a low cost housing project near Havana. At that time he was the head of the Cuban National Bank as well as Minister of Industries. 

Photos by Alan Oxley

Che Guevara photographed by Joseph Scherschel in Havana, Cuba on January 7, 1959.