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It’s so weird how there’s this period from like 1995-1999 (post supermodel and pre Gisele) where there were a ton of huge models who did every show, every editorial, every campaign, and still they have not translated to the younger generations. I wanna start featuring them more on here because I think it’s really interesting how that whole era is ignored. 

Like clearly the 90s supermodels are iconic to all younger generations, and I’ve seen a lot of stanning for the early 00s Brazilian models and the mid-late 00s Russian and Eastern European models by young people who have an encyclopedic knowledge of them, but the mid 90s has been forgotten. 

Maybe because a lot of the top models were all blonde and looked a lot alike (this is from Vogue, 1996):

There were a few non-blonde models from that era too, but I remember when I was trying to learn more about them I was thinking “damn I can’t tell any of them apart” except for my personal faves Amy Wesson and Kirsty Hume of course. 

I feel the same can be said for the early/mid 80s where a lot of the top models looked the same (either blonde Christine Brinkley/Kim Alexis all American girl energy or Paulina Poritzkova/Carol Alt vibes like this):

Then in 1985 came Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington and we all know what happened after that! 

But even the top runway models of the 80s (most of who were women of color) are pretty unknown today, except for Iman and Pat Cleveland of course. It’s kind of strange because I feel like I know all of them like I do the supers because I watch so many runway shows from that era.

Anyway sorry for rambling, ignore me. 

My two favorite models of all time are Yasmeen Ghauri and Helena Christensen. (tied for first)

My third favorite model is a tie between Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington and no I can’t choose just one…I love them all equally. 


Linda Evangelista for John Galliano Spring 1995


Yasmeen Ghauri – John Galliano – Fall 1997


John Galliano for Christian Dior, ‘Birds of Paradise’ by Paolo Roversi, W 1997.


Amy Wesson at Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S 1997




Rina Sawayama for MAC

John Galliano Prêt-à-Porter Spring/Summer 1998