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The pizza joint I went to framed a hole in the wall in the men’s washroom and called it “Fragile Masculinity

Courtesy of Page Six

The Caped Crusaders costumes were bright and tight-fitting to say the least, so snug that Ward incurred the wrath of the Catholic League of Decency.

They thought that Robin had a very large bulge for television,” Ward told Page Six, although he promises that it was all him, unlike Adam West who played Batman.

With Adam they put Turkish towels in his undershorts,” he explained.

The problem grew so tumescent that the studio had Ward see a doctor who prescribed medication “to shrink me up.

I don’t have parties, because the world is a sad place and full of anger.

How Disney’s multiplane camera worked: undefined

There are no humans in Star Wars … [the] ‘humans’ are in fact sentient hive insects, organized around a single queen, a handful of fertile males, and a horde of infertile female soldiers.  For parsimony’s sake, let’s assume that Force sensitivity in this species is possessed by fertile males and females, and that male actors used to represent non-Force sensitive characters are actually representing infertile females.

Moscow-area farmers strapped modified VR headsets to cows to see if it improved their mood – and, of course, their milk production. The project subjected cattle to a simulated summer field with colors tuned for the animals’ eyes, giving them a decidedly more pleasing landscape than a plain, confining farm. And yes, the headsets were adapted to the “structural features” of cows’ heads so that they could see properly. It appears to have worked, at least on a basic level. The first test reduced the cows’ anxiety and boosted their overall sentiment.



Bernard Krigstein

(by way of Warren Ellis):

Each panel must exist by itself. And the thing that makes a comic page
different from every other day in the year is that each of these
individual works of art, at the same time as they have a totally
individual life of their own, also exist as a total group, as a unit.
This was my inspiring motivation in doing comics. If you can pull out
your panel and frame it, exhibit it as a panel, and then have the reader
unconscious of that as he’s reading the totality, then you’ve done
something, in my estimation. You’ve raised comic book art to the level
of Goya, if you can achieve that.

I’m not sure my main goal in life is to get a cushy middle manager position in a company I don’t own and stay there until I die.