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These are new photos of Jenny Boyd, Twiggy, Samantha Juste and Chrissie Shrimpton with the Dave Clark Five from the 1966 Lucy In London special.  These are screen caps that come from the new PBS special: The Dave Clark Five and Beyond – Glad All Over. You can currently watch it online at the PBS website. Check your local listings for possible TV airings. The Lucy In London segment appears between 49 and 50 minutes into the show when Twiggy recalls her first TV job with the Dave Clark Five and is shown in several still photographs along with Jenny Boyd, Chrissie Shrimpton and Samantha Juste. LOTS of other celebrities participate in interviews including Paul McCartney and Julian Lennon. Beatles footage from Ready, Steady, Go is also shown late in the special. Don’t miss it! (Top photo of Twiggy shows about where the Lucy In London segment begins…)