Marsha Hunt and her daughter Karis photographe…

Marsha Hunt and her daughter Karis photographed by Jack Kay on March 23, 1971.

In November 1970, Marsha Hunt gave birth to Mick Jagger’s first child and her only child, Karis. Marsha says they planned to have the baby and the Rolling Stones song “Brown Sugar” is allegedly about her. In 1973 Marsha filed a paternity suit  in London against Mick. He denied the charge but Marsha said he agreed out of court to set up a trust fund for Karis and pay $17 a week until she reached 21. In 1978,


filed another paternity suit, this time in Los Angeles asking for $580 a week and for him to publicly claim their daughter. At the time Hunt was unemployed and on welfare. In 1979,


won the paternity suit saying she wanted “only to be able to say to my daughter, when she’s 21, that I didn’t allow her father to neglect his responsibilities.”